मर्दपणा म्हणजे नेमके काय?

मर्दानगी म्हणजे काय? मर्द म्हणजे कोण? कोणत्या गोष्टी केल्या म्हणजे मर्दानगीच्या चौकटीत बसतील? या प्रश्नांचा आजवर मी खूप विचार केला. समाजाकडून याची उत्तरं ऐकू येत होती ती अशी की मर्द म्हणजे महिलांना मुठीत ठेवणारा, व्यसने करणारा, बायकोला मारहाण करणारा, दारू

Learning from the experts

‘Knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied’. In the last few months, our peers from like-minded organizations were a goldmine of knowledge for us at Equal Community Foundation. In order to strengthen our team’s capacities we invited experts from community-based organizations to …

What did we learn in 2016

In the first week of 2017, we took a step back, breathed and assessed 2016. Highlights from this year included increased number of communities and partners, better graduation rates, increased efficiency and powerful stories from boys and their families who …