Atul Khandagale, Advocate, ECF (ie, currecntly enrolled in the training program)

Action for Equality (AFE) is the foremost programme of Equal Community Foundation that reaches 40,000 people in 20 communities all over Pune. It is an action research programme that seeks to develop a scalable model for raising men to end violence against women in India.

The programme primarily focuses on men in the age group of 14-17 years from low-income communities.

Through Action for Equality we aim to develop leaders who not just take personal action but also take collective action to end violence and discrimination against women in their lives and communities. These leaders then go on to influence groups of parents, teachers and media to raise other men to end violence and discrimination against women.

 The programme model is designed on the principle that if men study and debate the value of women with others that they trust, and if they are supported with tools to manage their behaviour by role models that they respect, then they will:

•        Reduce their own violent and discriminating behaviour;

•        Advocate an end to end violence and discrimination by their peers and others;

•        Take personal and collective action to empower women;

Thereby accelerating progress towards equality by reducing the amount of violence and discrimination women face, and increasing the resources within a community that are dedicated to empowering women.

As of September 2014, over 3294 young men have enrolled in Action for Equality Programme, 1556 young men have graduated from the AfE-Graduate Programme with more than 60% attendance, 466 young men have enrolled in the AfE-Alumni Programme, 100 men volunteer on a weekly basis and 40 men act as leaders on the Alumni Programme.

61% women who live with the graduates have reported a reduction in experience of violence and discrimination at the hands of the graduates.

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