Action for Equality Programme

Action for Equality is our behaviour change programme that raises gender equitable boys by equipping them with knowledge, peer support, skills and leadership abilities. This is our core community-led programme that aims at systematically changing the way communities raise boys. The programme is for adolescent boys belonging to the age group of 13-17 as this is the age where they are impressionable still and have the maturity to be able to take a stand of their own. Our programmes seeks to change their attitudes and behaviours through a series of structured interventions running up to a year for each participant.

The Action for Equality programme is facilitated by our  team of dedicated Programme Mentors in 20 communities across Pune, India. The programme is delivered at three programme levels supporting boys to bring about change at the individual, family, peer and community level.

Gender based violence and discrimination is for the most part normalised in our societies and the Foundation Programme acts as the first opportunity for participants to identify and acknowledge this at an individual level.

The Foundation Programme runs for 15 weeks during which the participants are engaged in discussions on gender, human rights, sexuality, masculinity, relationships, and violence.

Having graduated from the Foundation Programme with a critical understanding of the prevalence of gender based violence and discrimination against women, the participants probe deeper into social issues pertaining to gender in their communities. They are driven towards finding solutions through collaborations with women and girls.

 Over the 15 weeks that the programme is run, the key focus is to develop skills and attitudes in the participants to influence their peers and family. They undertake individual level actions such as observing instances of violence in their community or taking note of the invisible work being done by women in the household adding greatly to their perspective and sensitivity. 

This is the final stage of the Action for Equality programme in which participants pick up leadership skills and begin to take collective action at the community level. The participants go through various stages from influencing, to mobilising, to campaigning, in order to destabilise archaic gender norms.

By the end of this stage, our participants grow closer to becoming gender equitable boys by taking action for gender positive practices. They become agents of change in their communities, inspiring other boys to become a part of this growing circle of support, creating an enabling environment free of gender based violence, and ultimately a gender equitable society.

It is through these stages of the Action for Equality programme that we ensure boys become a part of the solution towards ending gender based violence.

Journey of a Boy

Presenting Ashutosh's journey, an Action for Equality participant, and a change maker in his own right.