Team Profile

Balaji Rathod

Balaji Uttam Rathod

Programme Mentor

Balaji holds a masters degree in social work from Karve Institute of Social Service, Pune.

Before joining ECF, Balaji had interned with Pratham Education Foundation, Ayodhya Charitable Trust, Yardi CSR.

Gender-based discrimination and violence is something he has …


Heena Jnr. Programme Design and Development Manager

Heena holds an engineering degree in Information Technology from Punjab University. She has worked with ZS Associates as a senior technology analyst. Around 2015, Heena decided to change her career path and get involved …

Vidula Sonagra

Vidula  SonagraResearch, Development and Evaluation Associate

As an RDE Associate Vidula is  involved in research, development and evaluation of the Action for Equality programme at ECF. Vidula believes in contributing to create a just and equitable world for everyone. She believes …

Upasana Saha

Upasana_SahaProgramme Manager, Project Raise

In her capacity as a Programme Manager for Project Raise, Upasana focuses on assessing the needs of our partners in the context of our work; and providing them with relevant support for adopting the approach of

Pravin Thote

Pravin Thote Programme Mentor

When asked what motivates him to be at ECF, Pravin said, “I believe that there should be an equal world for all and I want to work for creating a world like that.”

Pravin holds a Bachelors degree …

Sachin Bhopal

32719672372_d69005768a_zProgramme Mentor

Sachin joined ECF to explore two areas of interest: Programme Implementation and Monitoring.

Sachin holds a Masters in Social Work. He has worked with Mahila Arthik Vikas Mahamandal (MAVIM), Daund as a Constituency Coordinator for building capacities among

Dhammapal Kamble

Dhammapal KambleProgramme Mentor

A desire to dismantle gender equations led Dhammapal to join ECF.  

After completing his Masters in Social Work in Urban and Rural Community Development, he earned a Diploma in Human Rights too.

He was a Project Coordinator for

Nilesh Satpute

32832163456_fcb3013e70_zProgramme Mentor

Nilesh’s passion to address the root causes of gender inequality brought him to our team. He brings this very passion to every interaction he has with young boys as a Programme Mentor at ECF.

Nilesh has a Masters

Praveen Minj

Praveen Minj Programme Mentor

A keen interest in the social sector and a desire to build a gender equitable world drove Praveen to join the ECF team as a Programme Mentor.

He holds a Masters degree in Social Work from Karve Institute …

Priyanka Patil

32831764956_3654d9a67b_zSenior Accounts Associate

Priyanka brings 5 years of expertise in handling accounts of multi-national organisations to the Finance Team. Alongwith a Masters in Commerce, she also holds a PG Diploma in Business Management from Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

ECF’s goal to …