Upasana Saha

Programme Manager- Raise

In her capacity as a Programme Manager for Project Raise, Upasana focuses on assessing the needs of our partners in the context of our work; and providing them with relevant support for adopting the approach of engaging boys for preventing gender-based violence. Developing and coordinating content for our support programme and advocacy is her other priority.

Upasana says, “Gender-based violence and discrimination has always been an alarming affair, that often remains unnoticed and challenging. Working with ECF is a way for me to think of better possibilities that can allow all of us to be gender equitable and for saying ‘no’ to any form violence and discrimination in an inclusive manner.”

She holds a Masters in Human Rights from Calcutta University. She brings valuable experience from her work with esteemed organizations such as Raleigh International (Mysore) and Child in Need Institute ( Jharkhand). She also managed a leadership and movement building project with the feminist rights-based organisation CREA.

Movies, food, books and her journal keep Upasana occupied when she’s exploring her love for travelling.