Abhimanyu Randive

Programme Mentor

Abhimanyu talks about his experience working as a school coordinator, during which he visited different schools and conducted sessions with children. He works for ECF as a programme mentor and has a master’s degree in social work. He has worked with rural and indigenous populations. He became interested in learning about diverse cultures, ways of life, social structures, and ways to acquire knowledge. He has exceptional communication abilities and listens intently.His capacity for forming relationships with individuals enables him to gain a broader view and explore new perspectives. He wants to thank ECF for his first cup of tea, which he brewed for himself. Along with educating adolescents, he has taken on home tasks and values the factor of adopting equal opportunity regardless of gender. He appreciates how the ECF team has a strong sense of unity and is always supportive of one another. In his spare time, he enjoys playing cricket and watching web series and films.