Our work

Action for Equality is a behaviour change programme that is designed to work with boys in the age group of 13 to 17 years. Over a period of one year, we equip the boys with knowledge, skills, peer support and leadership abilities to challenge gender norms, change their own behaviour and advocate that change to their families and wider communities.

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Project Raise is national collaborative that is designed to support organisations across India in adopting the approach of raising Gender Equitable Boys. The collaborative provides its members access to resources, training, peer learning opportunities and collective evidence. Using the support, organisations can independently deliver programmes, evaluate progress and accelerate progress towards the common outcome of raising Gender Equitable Boys

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Research and Evaluation is the backbone of both our programmes. We have developed a robust and replicable monitoring and evaluation framework to monitor performance and inform programme improvement decisions.

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We believe that not every man is part of the problem, but every man can be part of the solution.

Gender equality is always talked about from a women’s perspective. We want boys to know that gender equality is a men’s issue.

Our impact


boys across India have participated in our programmes and began their journey towards becoming gender equitable.


boys have been engaged in gender transformative programmes by Project Raise partners.


collective actions are taken by participants each year to challenge gender norms in their communities.