Research, Development & Evaluation

Our Research, Development, and Evaluation team is on a one of a kind endeavour.  Entering into a relatively new arena of incorporating the approach of engaging adolescent boys, the literature available on this was next to non-existent. Our Research and Evaluation team thus embarked on a journey to create new literature based on experiential learning from the field. The lessons learnt were made available to all so that more organisations could get a deeper understanding of the approach of working with boys and incorporate it in their work. The team also develops replicable monitoring and evaluation tools to map the impact and progress of the programmes. 

The key objective of our Research, Development and Evaluation programme is to develop a practical and scalable model of raising Gender Equitable Boys, with the intention of collecting evidence on the effectiveness of the approach.

The RDE core activities are divided into five broad categories:

Monitoring & Evaluation

Programme Development Support

Information Dissemination


Evidence of Impact