Action for Equality Programme

Action for Equality is our behaviour change programme that raises gender equitable boys by equipping them with knowledge, peer support, skills and leadership abilities. This is our core community-led programme that aims at systematically changing the way communities raise boys. The programme is for adolescent boys belonging to the age group of 13-17 as this is the age where they are impressionable still and have the maturity to be able to take a stand of their own. Our programmes seeks to change their attitudes and behaviours through a series of structured interventions running up to a year for each participant.

The Action for Equality programme is facilitated by our team of dedicated Programme Mentors in 20 communities across Pune, India. The programme supports boys to bring about change at the individual, family, peer and community levels.

Journey of a Boy

Presenting Ashutosh's journey, an Action for Equality participant, and a change maker in his own right.