Mahesh Mali

Programme Mentor

Mahesh is associated as a Programme Mentor with ECF for four years, he enables adolescent boys to challenge gender stereotypes and overcome the pressures of masculinity. He is gratified when individuals in the community look up to him as a role model, or teacher in their lives. He makes certain that adolescents gain as many insights as possible in order to become a better version of themselves. During this time, he strengthened his skills in leadership, curriculum development, teamwork, and collaboration. His facilitation abilities not only made him a better communicator, but also provided him with enormous personal and professional development. He values the opportunity to be an open communicator at ECF the most, as well as the team culture. Mahesh ensures that he implements his knowledge and inspires others to rethink their gender perceptions. Mahesh enjoys cycling, trekking, and travelling in his spare time. He began to spend time in the kitchen, loving the process of cooking. Presently, he is pursuing a diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism.