Pravin Katke

Programme Manager

One of ECF’s longest-running players, Pravin has been associated with ECF for over 13 years. Specializing in Rural Development, he holds a Master’s degree in Social Work. He is NET-qualified and currently pursuing LLB. In the team, he is managing the program, his primary responsibilities include program development, facilitation, curriculum design, and team development.
There are three things he mentions that motivate him to continue his work with ECF day after day. ECF’s vision is close to his heart as he imagines a world free of Gender Based Violence and is proud to be associated with its work with boys. Second is the space for creativity in that he gets to explore new ideas and innovative ways of working. Thirdly, he smiles, ECF feels like home.

Always full of questions with endless possibilities, chai with Pravin turns out to be a most interesting affair. When not asking questions, he loves playing chess and watching movies.