Urasmita Ghosh

Communications and Fundraising Associate

Urasmita joined the ECF team as a Communications and Fundraising Associate. As a communication lead, she is managing social media platforms, and building a good communication strategic prospect for more expansion of our mission. Including to focus on fundraising efforts, to develop and manage partnerships for organisational growth. Furthermore, have six years of expertise working with adolescents with different education and community settings. Specialised in providing mentorship through life skill education programs, providing skill-based training, building leadership learning experiences, raising capacity-building programs, and designing content. With ECF she shares a strong connection with the vision and embraces the environment within the team.

She cultivates her propensity to continue learning and evolving. Her favourite place to be is around plants, and her most warm and safe space is her furry companion Roy. She is a strong believer of wellness and mental health, as well as self-care.