Breaking Boundaries: ECF Alumni Pave the Way for Youth Empowerment and Advocacy


Celebrating Pride and Progress: ECF Alumni Shine Bright! 

In the spirit of empowerment and growth, ECF is on a remarkable journey to uplift youth, especially our cherished alumni, through the Gender Transformative Approach. Our belief in continuous development and nurturing of personalities drives us as we recently embarked on an inspiring initiative. We invited our alumni to share their invaluable insights, suggestions, consultations, and brilliant ideas, aiming to shape impactful programmes for youth development in the community. 

During the discussion table, participants passionately shared their aspirations and dreams, ranging from the banking sector to software development to a passion for travel. The enthusiasm in their voices and the sparkle in their eyes as they dreamt of soaring high was truly refreshing. Notably, our girls’ alumni emphasised the importance of freedom — freedom to choose, to wear, and to shape their respective lives. 

Moreover, our alumni explored into discussions about the challenging times and the essential value of each moment — a truly inspiring reflection at this stage of their lives. Witnessing one alumna, who had initially left school and dropped out in class 12, restart her journey by enrolling in B.A and actively contributing to an NGO sector, was a touching moment.

With pride, she shared, “I realised and started again because I had the opportunity and confidence from ECF.”

On that day, as we all stood together as a team, our eyes welled with emotion, moved by their ambitions, smiles, motivations, life reflections, and the perspectives they have developed. They are a true source of inspiration!

Saloni, one of the alumni, underscored the importance of women being informed and empowered to prevent child marriage, advocating for widespread awareness.

She emphasised the ability of women to take action in such critical matters –”So not only men, everyone should be aware of such subjects”.

The call for an inclusive approach to tackle gender disparity had resonated strongly throughout the alumni community.

Vanita, our field mobilizer, shed light on the dynamics of dominance and relationships, particularly within siblings. She highlighted the transformative impact of including all genders in the discussion, altering the traditional dynamics and fostering a more inclusive bond between brothers and sisters.

As members of ECF, witnessing the transition in working with adolescent boys over a decade, and now expanding our focus to embrace all genders, fills our hearts with great emotion and pride.

In the concluding note Kshitij, our alumni and intern stated, “ the discussion with all genders also emphasises the need to address gender parity, human rights, and the distinct changes adolescents of all genders undergo. It is appreciated that this inclusive approach provided a platform for understanding these diverse experiences.”

The journey we’re on, watching them grow every day in every way, is pure joy – a complete feeling to the positive impact we strive to create.


At the core of our gathering was a commitment to learning, sharing, and respecting each other’s spaces. The coordination displayed was remarkable, fostering a genuine sense of team spirit. Together, we’ve cultivated a “safe space” for everyone to freely express themselves and contribute to meaningful conversations.

Hats off to this incredible young group! Let’s continue to empower, inspire, and create positive change together. As we reflect on the progress made and the journey ahead, our hearts swell with pride for the impact we’re collectively making. 


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Urasmita Ghosh, Communications and Fundraising Associate, Equal Community Foundation