Sigrid Rausing Trust, London supports Action for Equality

Equal Community Foundation is please to announce that The Sigrid Rausing Trust has finalised and distributed a 1 year grant of 15,000 GBP to support the Action for Equality programme. The Trustee Grant was made to ECF to support the development of our programme in recognition of our innovative approach to securing women’s rights.

Thank you all of our friends and our staff whose hard work and concerted efforts helped secure The Sigrid Rausing Trust’s support.

We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to The Sigrid Rausing Trust’s trustees for their support.

About The Sigrid Rausing Trust

The Sigrid Rausing Trust was founded in 1995 by Sigrid Rausing to promote international human rights. The grant programmes include Civil and Political Rights, Women’s Rights, Minority Rights, and Social Justice.