Boys and the Spread of Violence

Written by Guest Writer, Yeshi Dolma

Raising a non-violent boy is tough because they’re bombarded by normalized violence on a daily basis. They see violence on television and in movies where “good men” are justified in using violence to solve

The Tyranny of Princes

This is a blog by Shadhika Project’s President and CEO, Ms. Kim Burnett. Shadhika is currently one of Equal Community Foundation’s funding partners and this is a report based on their field visit to our community areas where we run …

Balaji Rathod

Balaji Uttam Rathod

Programme Mentor

Balaji holds a masters degree in social work from Karve Institute of Social Service, Pune.

Before joining ECF, Balaji had interned with Pratham Education Foundation, Ayodhya Charitable Trust, Yardi CSR.

Gender-based discrimination and violence is something he has …


Heena Jnr. Programme Design and Development Manager

Heena holds an engineering degree in Information Technology from Punjab University. She has worked with ZS Associates as a senior technology analyst. Around 2015, Heena decided to change her career path and get involved …

The Journey of Hummingbird Raise

Over the last two years, Equal Community Foundation has provided technical support to 12 organisations in West Bengal to adopt the approach of engaging adolescents particularly boys to raise them to be gender equitable. This programme is called Hummingbird Raise.…

My learning journey at ECF

My internship at ECF began as a result of the placements which took place at the university in which I was studying i.e. Savitribai Phule Pune University. I was pursuing a postgraduate diploma in gender, culture and development studies and …