#RakshaBandh: Say No to Protection, Yes to Collaboration

It’s that time of the year again and we are thrilled to announce that the #RakshaBandh campaign is back!

With rising incidences of Domestic Violence it becomes even more relevant today to think about what we can do to bring about changes in ourselves, our behaviour, our attitude, to uphold women’s rights. Instead of protecting women, it’s time we focus on creating a home, a family, a neighbourhood, a society, where women do not need protecting!

So join us as we say NO to protection and YES to collaboration! Raksha Bandh, Sahyog Shuru!

About the campaign:
For years women have been told that they need the protection of the men in their families, be it their fathers, uncles, or brothers. A teenaged girl going out to fetch groceries from the market is told to take her brother along, even if it is her 6 year old younger brother. This notion of protection plays a crucial part in upholding the foundations of patriarchy. 
Through this campaign, the idea is to say no to protection, yes to collaboration. The tagline is Raksha Bandh, Sahyog Shuru. Join us as we commit to working on our own behaviour and attitude and to uphold women’s rights instead of putting restrictions on them. Your participation will help get the message out loud and clear.
Here’s how you can participate:
1. Think of a pledge you would like to take to uphold women’s rights, write this on a piece of paper and take a photo of yourself holding it up. Be sure to also add the tagline: Raksha Bandh, Sahyog Shuru. Feel free to get creative and send in poems, videos or other creative pieces to express yourself more freely!
2. Share these photos/videos with us by tagging us in your social media posts and use #RakshaBandh or write in to us at info@ecf.org.in
3. We will share all your posts on our social media platforms once the campaign begins on the 27th of July till the 3rd of August, 2020.
Our social media handles are as follows-
Facebook- @ECFIndia
Instagram- @ecfindia
Twitter- @ecfindia
Here is the link to a video we had made as a part of this campaign- #RakshaBandh campaign and a sample photo.
Join our campaign and spread the word! Let’s make it count together.