AfE Alumni volunteer 250 hours to empower women

July 29, 2011

Graduates from the Action for Equality (AfE) programme gather every Friday in their communities to deliver educational activities that empower women. Over the last 6 weeks, over 72 AfE graduates have volunteered over 15 hours each to provide women health and livelihoods training. Volunteer leaders from each branch have worked with our Mentors to develop events, and train volunteers within the communities. Volunteers then deliver the events to women in the community.

Over 450 women have received 2 hours of educational activities from AfE alumni. Most recently, Alumni have provided women with structured information on anemia, which affects up to 70% of women in India and increases the rate of maternal deaths from childbirth. Women were provided with practical advice on anemia cause, diagnosis, and cure. After the event, women were able to offer each other practical diagnosis using the inner eye-lid to check for colour. Women also learned which foods could be included in their diets to increase their blood iron levels.

Past events from graduates include training for women on the practical application of India’s Right to Information Act, and advocacy to men on violence against women and the consequences for family life.

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