We are looking to strengthen our team further

Until last year we were looking inwards – focusing on developing Action for Equality Programme and our internal systems and tools. The year 2012 is the year of looking out. For us, the key objectives for this year include: continuous improvement of existing programme, strengthening the monitoring and evaluation framework. But, sharing our resources and lessons learnt from our communities and developing and preparing for launch of new programme will be a crucial part of what we do.

To make all this possible we need a strong team. We have exceptional individuals working with us but we need more of them.  Here are a few vacancies that we have at ECF. 

Programme Mentors

These are men who deliver the Action for Equality Programme to the adolescent men in the communities. They are no ordinary trainers…they are mentors. They are expected to be a friend, coach, trainer and nothing short of a role model for the adolescent men. They are the link between community and the organisation. Though it is tough job we can vouch that it is the most exciting job.

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Programme Manager

We have a strong and growing team. We are looking for someone equally strong to facilitate operations of Action for Equality Programme. Someone who can support the senior management team and at the same time understand, analyse and work upon the feedback we receive from the field staff and the communities.  A real team player is what we are after.

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If anyone you know is interested, please get in touch with us at jobs@ecf.org.in

For more news on the programme, kindly visit www.ecf.org.in and watch out for our upcoming newsletter