Take part in the interview test run for the National Strategy

ECF is preparing to develop a National Strategy that will empower men across India to empower women, and specifically end violence and discrimination that women face. Developing and popularising this field is ECF’s mission and it is clear that a practical and scalable National Strategy for India will move the debate and the field forward.


The research to develop this strategy will be conducted by ECF staff over a period of six months by interviewing professionals with a relevant stake and experience in women’s empowerment. The work will be overseen by an Expert Panel with varied backgrounds who will provide strategic guidance to ECF Staff on the scope, methodology, analysis and reporting.  


ECF will conduct interviews with sector professionals across India, through a 30 minute semi-structured interview process conducted on Skype in English. Sector professionals will provide answers to questions in interviews that will be analysed to create the national strategy. Full or partial confidentiality can be maintained in the report as per the wishes of individual interviewees.  


However before we start with this process, we need to run a test of our interviews and analysis, to make sure we have got it right.  


We would be delighted to conduct test interviews with sector professionals that meet our interviewee specifications .This would greatly help in improving our research design. Please get back to us either by sending a message on this forum or at ava.ichaporia@ecf.org.in if you would like to interview or for further information on the project. 


This is an excellent opportunity for gender empowerment professionals to be part of ground breaking research.