3 new exciting ways you can support us

We have identified 3 new exciting ways in which you can support us. We believe that supporting a cause need not be boring. Read more

Come Dine With Me

Many of us have seen this show on TV. So, we are now requesting you as supporter to host a dinner at your house. Invite a few friends of yours and ask each one of them to donate a minimum of Rs 500. The money you gather on the day can then be donated to ECF. We have developed a simple kit that includes menu ideas, themes and invitation cards…something that will truly impress your friends. 

All it takes is Rs 20!

In the next two months, we will launch the Twenty Rupee campaign across a few restaurants in Pune. We will be soon releasing a list of restaurants where this campaign will be launched. All you have to do is add Rs 20 to your bill when you are eating at one of the selected restaurants and the money will be donated to ECF. If you own or run a restaurant or know someone who does, who is interested in hosting the campaign please contact us. We will provide the restaurant venue with a kit that they can use.

Be an ECF ambassador

We often hear and read stories of violence against women. We feel like doing something about it but don’t know how, neither can we spare time for it. At ECF, we have an opportunity for you. We need your support to spread the word about the work ECF does. It can be done by sitting at your desk or whichever part of the world you are in. All it requires is 10 minutes of your time.


To know more about any of these options contact us at info@ecf.org.in. Our team will provide you with the required assistance.