Over 1500 men have participated in Action for Equality


The fifth programme cycle of Action for Equality Graduate Programme ended in first week of November. 170 men graduated from the fifth programme cycle raising the total number of graduates till date to 660 men and the number of enrolled men to over 1500.

In this programme cycle we completed 2 Film Events, 11 Training Events and 2 Action Events as planned. The team delivered the forth version of the curriculum that was developed based on the feedback provided by programme mentors who deliver the modules to men in the communities we work in.

The cycle ended with all graduates organising action events across all communities to create awareness about the system of dowry, how the form of it has changed with time and the serious consequences of this system on young girls, women and their families. These action events were spread over two weeks. In the first week, all graduates went from house to house talking to people on this issue. In the second week, men presented a puppet show on the same topic. In addition, they all took a pledge that they would in no way participate in or encourage anyone who supports this malpractice.


Activities – Action for Equality Alumni Programme

As planned, 21 AAP action events were held between June to October 2012. Based on suggestions and inputs of volunteers and women in the communities, the ECF Team designed modules addressing the following issues:

•Street sexual harassment

•Alcohol and its’ effects on women and overall families

•Child marriage

•Sex selective abortions

The volunteers received training in order to have basic understanding of these topics and then on how to convey this information to women.  2 leader training events were organised for all the volunteer leaders of Alumni Programme.  2 leader training and 1 volunteer meet and greet had to be postponed due to festivals and school and college exams. They are scheduled for the month of December.