Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and Action for Equality curriculum

We have developed a robust monitoring and evaluation model for our Action for Equality programme. Monitoring and evaluation framework focuses on establishing evidence for measuring the effectiveness on the basis of tangible and practical outcome indicators and on developing a robust M&E system for the programme.

The AfE curriculum was developed for the next cycle. The new curriculum uses new tools and action events as part of the curriculum development process.
The key objectives of the programme curriculum are:
• To stimulate a transformative process among the adolescent men by challenging their current behaviours and attitudes towards women and by evolving more gender equitable attitudes and behaviours based on a rights-based perspective.
• To help the adolescent men to take personal as well as collective action to reduce discrimination and violence against women in their lives.

To see a copy of the Action for Equality Programme Curriculum and Monitoring and evaluation framework, send us an email at