Man Up India : Three more corporates pledge to Man Up

Employees from Pune based firms, Niyuj Enterprise Software Solutions, TomTom India and Tech Mahindra enthusiastically took the first step forward in signing the pledge and becoming part of the solution. ManUpIndia events were conducted at the 3 different corporates on different days and at locations in their premises such as the common cafeteria or the office terrace.

The focus of the events has been to create awareness about 4 key facts :
• Violence and discrimination against women is unacceptable
• Men’s behaviour towards women is one of the root causes of violence and discrimination against women
• Raising men to be gender equitable is a crucial solution to this problem
• Each one of us has a role in raising men

ManUpIndia received an exhilarating response at TomTom, India as a part of TomTom’s Anti-Harassment Week and a particularly good participation at Tech Mahindra with over 120 employees signing the pledge to raise men to end violence and discrimination against women for good.

Special thanks to our the champions within these organisations, Manish Deshmukh from TomTom and Shailesh Rathod from Tech Mahindra for participating at these events and making them interactive.


If you or anyone you know, would like for such events to be organised at your corporate contact us at