Men want change

This week, ECF released its first mentor-led research report, looking at the important question of why young men are motivated to get involved with gender based violence prevention programmes, such as Action for Equality. Designed and led by ECF’s programme mentors, this research study has offered an insight into what young men perceive to be the benefits of a participating in gender equality programmes.

Our experience over the last few years has shown us two things: first, that there are a considerable number of young men who are willing to challenge the patriarchal norms that normalise gender based violence; and second, that, if this willingness is channeled in a positive direction, these young men can play an important role in preventing gender based violence and promoting gender equality.

The findings from this report highlight that many young men want access to more supportive and non-patriarchal spaces, in which they have an opportunity to communicate, explore sensitive issues that are relevant to them, to introspect, grow and mature. The report recognises this need for creating more spaces for men for positive and supported, non-patriarchal sharing.

Given that the majority of cases of gender based violence, either on the street or in the home, are underpinned by men’s real or perceived fulfillment of hegemonic masculinities to assert power and control, it is essential that young men have the opportunity to critically reflect on the patriarchal socialization that is often related to masculine identity.

View the full report here. 

Mentor-led research report