Outcome Assessment Report – Cycle 8 of the Action for Equality Programme

ECF has now successfully completed 8 Cycles of the Action for Equality Programme. The last Cycle was conducted between August and December 2013 in 18 communities in Pune city. The aim of this report is to assess the effectiveness of the AfE programme, by conducting a survey among family members of the 202 Cycle 8 graduates. The respondents were largely mothers of the boys who had enrolled, with the exceptions of a few sisters and grandmothers.

The findings of the Survey have given us interesting insights and drawn attention to the correlation between graduate attendance at the courses/modules and the overall retention rate for Programme, the involvement of immediate relatives in the family and how that has impacted the Programme retention rate and quite importantly, how retention rate influenced the overall behavioural and attitudinal changes that were noticed in the graduates.

For a more detailed look at the Outcome Assessment Report, click hereĀ Outcome Assessment Report – Cycle 8 of Action for Equality_Final