“A thousand words in a picture” – Alex Sunshine

Alex “Getting involved with ECF has been a life-changing experience for me. It’s made me intensely aware of the problems facing girls and women in India, and the work that ECF does to bring about change is nothing short of fantastic. Taking photos for ECF gives me the opportunity of meeting people, and going into communities, that I wouldn’t normally get access to, and I find the experiences deeply humbling, and inspiring.
The ECF staff and mentors are all dedicated and caring people and I’ve come to really respect all those that I work with. As a photographer, I find this type of work far more rewarding than my usual corporate fare and it gives me an intense feeling of satisfaction knowing that my images are being used for such a good cause. I always look forward to shooting for ECF and hope the images we will create in the future will have a positive impact on the lives of the boys being mentored, and ultimately the women who will benefit from men learning about gender equitable behaviour.  
Alex Sunshine 
Photographer and ECF Volunteer