There have been many milestones to celebrate over the past 5 years, yet we acknowledge this is a big one.  We are at a vantage point – looking back at all the small and big steps we’ve taken, assessing what we have learnt, owning up to the times we got it wrong – and looking forward to the next 5 years with a clearer view, focussed on our one “main thing”, equipped with better knowledge/skills.


1. ECF focuses on one “main thing” –  To raise men and boys to respect women

2. Our “Special 9” team of trained and skilled Mentors work in 20 communities all around Pune each week, reaching about 8,000 people on a weekly basis

3. We have now completed 9 Cycles of Action for Equality Programme. Upto May 2014, 3042 boys have enrolled for the course, a band of 1400 are successful graduates ready to walk the talk, we have 589 volunteers (100 of whom are active on a weekly basis) and 40 leaders who are being mentored and built up

4. The next 5- year road map involves building Partnerships with 100 organizations across India to raise men and young boys to respect women

5. ECF’s curriculum for Action for Equality is developed in-house and is available on open source for organizations who want to implement it

So, what does turning 5 mean to us at ECF? Here’s a quick flash!
Anjana-Goswami"GROWTH" - Anjana Goswami, Programme Manager
Claire-Postles"TRUST"- Claire Postles, Research and Development Manager
Rajesh-150x150"CONCEPT" - Rajesh Bharati, Office Manager
Abhjit-Yadav.150x150-150x150"CHANGE"- Abhijit Yadav, Partnerships Associate
Rahul_150x1501-150x150"SATISFACTION" - Rahul Ghadge, Graphic Designer