Hummingbird Raise: Four questions. One story.

HBR Peer Learning Workshop 2A year ago, we set on a journey with Hummingbird Foundation and launched Hummingbird Raise. This was our first step towards our ultimate aim – to bring together community based organizations from all over India that will work with men and boys to prevent violence and discrimination against women. But a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and what a journey it has been so far.

What did our partners achieve?
Our partners reached 1788 participants across 38 villages. 1435 graduates isn’t the only reason for us to be proud. 99% of them now demonstrate support for gender equitable norms and almost 70% agree that all forms of violence and discrimination against women including trafficking are unacceptable is the real achievement.

What did we do?
We provided financial and non-financial assistance to eight partner organizations. As facilitators, we conducted an induction workshop, quarterly peer learning workshops, two special mentor workshops and monthly coaching visits.

What do our partners say?
“Since we work directly with youth, the collaboration with Hummingbird Raise is perfect. ECF’s Action for Equality curriculum has enabled dialogues with our girls and boys about untouchable topics like gender, human rights and violence. In just a year, we’ve observed a positive behaviour change.”

– Abhishek, Founder and Director at Rupantaran Foundation.

“One of our major concerns as female facilitators was: how do we connect with young boys? ECF’s regular training on documentation and skill-building, and their coaching visits helped us to establish a very strong bond with the boys. Today, they come up to us and ask us about changes in their body, psychological pressures they face and problems with their peers – questions they don’t share even with their own friends.”

– Manasi Naik, Programme Facilitator at Sundarban Social Development Centre

What’s next?
This July, 5 more organisations have joined hands with us. They have just begun to engage adolescent boys across rural communities in North and South 24 Paraganas. Like the previous year, we will provide financial and non-financial support to our 12 partners.

Please take a moment to meet the Project Raise partners