7 goals that will keep us busy in 2017

ECF BMG Team 2016


Based on the lessons we learnt in 2016 and a strategy development exercise we undertook, we identified key priorities for 2017. Here are the  top seven goals we will focus on in 2017:

1. At least 1500 new adolescent boys to become allies of gender equality

2. Stronger partnerships with organisations in the sector and with stakeholders in communities we work in

3. Better, accessible data and replicable tool

4. Stronger Action for Equality Leadership Programme

5. Launch of next phase of Project Raise, which is tentatively called the Challenge Fund

6. Stronger core functions such as finance, human resource, fundraising and communications to support and sustain our growth

7. Stronger and bigger team

8. Over the coming months we will keep you posted on how things progress through our newsletter and blog.

We hope for your continued support and encouragement this year too.