My experience at ECF

June 2017 Intern - KamakshiWhen I began pursuing a degree in Economics last year, I was introduced to several co curricular activities and clubs within my college. One of them was the Social Service Club, Samarpan. I have been involved in several activities over the past year, including an awareness drive on World Suicide Prevention Day conducted by us students.

This summer, I got the opportunity to intern with ECF- an organisation with a unique thought to solve a pertinent issue. Unfortunately, gender inequality is a phenomenon I experience almost on a daily basis. Be it in the sexist statements passed casually, the restrictions imposed due to my gender or the patriarchy observed in my own home.

ECF aims to combat this problem from its very roots, by changing the mindset of the younger generation and challenging existing gender norms. My experience at this organisation has helped me in understanding its functioning, and how the interaction between various teams results in its working just like a well-oiled machine.

Being in the HR/Admin department, I have been involved with the accounting, fundraising and community mapping teams. I learnt about the procedure involved in finalising grants with domestic as well as foreign funders and the creation of campaigning modules involving gender. I was exposed to the amount of precision and planning it takes to form a perfect curriculum, and I even got a chance to interact with the mentors and hear about their hands-on experience of teaching the young boys.

An important realisation I had while working with this organisation is that there are many struggles they have to face: be it finding suitable funders, creating an interest in the young boys to attend sessions regularly or forming a rapport with orthodox community members and corporators. However, the team at ECF is dedicated towards the cause of a gender equitable nation, and it is inspiring to watch them work and most importantly, enjoy what they do. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been a part of this wonderful family, and will continue to contribute further in every possible way.

– Kamakshi Sirpal