163 more men ready to take action

AfE Graduate Programme - Action events

The 6th cycle of the Action for Equality graduate programme was completed in the month of March. 163 young men from 17 communities all over Pune graduated in this cycle raising the total number of men learning to end violence against women to 823!

The highlight of this programme cycle was the action events.Graduates conducted a very basic research analysing the gender biases reflected in their school curriculum textbooks. They then presented the same information to men and women in their communities. The objective of the exercise was for men to realise that they should not be falling prey to these biases; and parents, teachers, media need to support them in the same.

Cycle 7 of the AfE Graduate Programme began in the first week of April. ECF is currently looking for partners to extend Action for Equality Programme in 4 more low-income communities in Pune.

The 163 graduates will be invited to join the 350 volunteers who have already enrolled on AfE Alumni Programme. These young men participate in events every week that enable them to practise what they have learnt in the AfE Graduate Programme. Some of the issues these young men addressed in the last quarter were: Importance of education for women, sex selective abortions; and women and space.

These young volunteers receive training so that they can be future leaders in their communities advocating change. Since January, 3 leader training programmes were organised for active volunteers.