Project Re:Imagine

Created by Mr. Surya Pratap and his team, Project Re:Imagine was an exciting 4 week programme on creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation for young people in the age-group of 10-8 years.

Seven young volunteer leaders from ECF communities all over Pune  participated in this programme. The challenge that the group chose was to make a one-minute video to end violence and discrimination against women. The programme culminated on the 7th of June when all the other groups from Project Re:Imagine presented their ideas. Pradyumna, from the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) acted as a great mentor to the boys.

The launch of this programme was on May 5, 2013 wherein the groups had to present their ideas to the parents and audience. Our boys were so confident and spontaneous in presenting their idea to the larger crowd, that they stole the limelight. The audience started looking for them and reaching out to them to know more about the boys and their work.

As part of the same project, the boys also attended a half day workshop on film making. The boys shared a very positive feedback about this workshop where they had the opportunity to learn the basics of film making and also to understand how interesting and  challenging it is. Later, they were also invited for helping out in the real shoots carried out by the mentors.

Not only did the boys get  the opportunity to present their views and ideas and do a project on their own, but also learnt to interact in a formal atmosphere, adjusting to different peoples’ needs, overcoming language barrier  and overall developing lots of confidence.

Many thanks to Surya Pratap and Project Re:Imagine.

— Anjana Goswami

Programme Manager, ECF