No place like home?

The issue of violence and discrimination against women is today a topic of global concern. Much of what is portrayed in books, TV and the media focuses on stranger rape, not portraying the reality that women are often most unsafe in their very own homes.

This article below featured in the Times of India reports on research showing that more than half of all cases of homicide against women in India are carried out by their current or former partners. The research also makes a case for women being disproportionately vulnerable to murder and violence by an intimate partner. This shatters the myth that women are safest in their homes, in fact the home may well be on the the most dangerous places for them.


At the Equal Community Foundation (ECF) we run programmes in communities that give boys aged 13-17 years an opportunity to study and practice gender equitable behaviour. 7 of these young men from ECF’s Action for Equality Alumni Programme came up with a 2 minute film entitled ,’Is there any place in this country where a woman would feel safe?’ as part of Re:Imagine Learning Community’s summer camp for social entrepreneurs. The intention is that this film written, directed and edited by the boys themselves be screened for public awareness .This film hopes to be the first part of a tri-series advocacy campaign. It is only with these and other efforts to prevent violence and discrimination will we be able to make the home is the safest place place to be in, giving it in reality the romantic notion of our oasis.

– Ava Ichaporia

Research and Development Associate, ECF