A fair measure of progress

The AfE Cycle 9 Assessment Report was released 2 weeks ago highlighting the findings of a survey that was conducted. The Report threw up interesting insights about the Action for Equality Programme, the way it is perceived by participants’ family members, how it influences the families (especially the women) of our graduates and what they hope this programme will do for their communities.

A total of 251 advocates initially enrolled onto the 9th Cycle of the AfE Graduate Programme, aged mainly between 13 and 17 years old. Of those 184 successfully completed the Graduate programme, the basic programme – a graduation rate of 73 percent.

Data collected in this survey and from interviews with the relatives of previous AFE graduates demonstrate that there is broad support for the AfE programme and an interest in expanding access and scope. In this survey, 95 percent of respondents believed that the issues covered in the AfE Graduate Programme were important to their community.

This survey of graduates’ relatives broadly demonstrated that parents and other family members felt informed and engaged and were supportive of graduates’ participation in the programme. 87 percent of those surveyed said that they had actively supported the graduate’s participation in the programme and that 67 percent of fathers were also supportive.