The ‘Learn, Share and Grow’ mantra

The Graduates and Alumni of the AfE Programme are given various opportunities to learn from each other and also from different training sessions organized for them.

On the Sunday morning of May 29th there was excited chatter and banter in the large, green and colorful premises of Sambhaji Park, Pune. About 200 boys in the 14 -18 years age group, full of energy, enthusiasm and a desire to learn new things came together for the Big Meet and Greet.

There were introductions, ice-breakers, interactive games, brief Q/A sessions and a series of activities in smaller groups. The boys came out with the intention of making the best of this opportunity to meet Graduates from other communities and they were not disappointed! One of the highlights of the morning was the “award ceremony” that the boys excitedly participated in. It was organized to show appreciation and recognition of Community Volunteers and Leaders.

The Monthly Leaders’ Training is part of the larger mentorship programme that is provided to the participants of the Leadership programme. A training session is organized once a month during which one particular topic is highlighted and explained in detail, giving the boys an opportunity to learn, debate, question, interact and internalize it. Over the last quarter, a total of 85 leaders have been trained on topics such as: 1) Communication skills, 2) the Role of Leaders and 3) How to plan towards a goal.

The leadership programme is being developed further to present a model where ECF intervention in the communities will slowly reduce and community members themselves mobilize their peers so change of discriminatory systems and behaviour towards equal community will not only be more relevant to community members but also sustainable.