New Graduates Take the Stage

The last week of August brought in a series of “proud moments” for ECF as we witnessed 155 young men successfully graduating from the 10th Cycle of the Action for Equality Programme. There was an event in each of the 20 communities to mark this solemn occasion as the boys took the pledge to respect not just the women in their families and communities but all women and to practise and encourage gender equitable behaviour.

Action events4

These 155 young men join the 1400 AfE graduates who are our ‘ground alliance force’, translating the ECF vision and mission into reality in the communities we work among. Over the past 3 months, these young men have had the opportunity to understand and examine their perspectives on our society and gender-equity, drawing a strong course of action for themselves. The “Action Events” are conducted in their respective communities and are attended by their parents, relatives and community members.

The young men receive a certificate for the AfE Programme and also get the opportunity to share their learning with the community in a short “action event” which could be a play, a short Q/A session or even a speech. This encourages them by presenting an opportunity to speak up confidently and with conviction among a group of people – something they will have to do again and again as they imbibe and practice what they have learnt.

Kudos to our 155 new graduates!!

Action events5