ECF starts work on ‘Project Raise’

Turning five – is only the beginning! We are pleased to share with you that on the 2nd of September, Equal Community Foundation signed a partnership agreement with Hummingbird Foundation to scale Action for Equality further from Pune, Maharashtra into West Bengal.

Hummingbird Foundation is on a mission to develop high impact community programmes that prevent the trafficking of women and girls for sex, and they also believe that men are essential partners in this process.

Hummingbird Foundation chose Equal Community Foundation as a partner based on our expertise in working with men. Together, we have worked to develop Project Raise, a new programme for scaling Action for Equality, ECF’s pioneering community based programme that raises men to ally with women on promoting gender equality..

Over the course of three years, Project Raise will provide support and seed funding to twenty community based organisations in West Bengal who work with women, so that they expand their scope as well as their skills and work also with men.