“My Internship has re-shaped my views on Gender and Equality”


“The past few weeks have gone a long way in shaping my awareness of concepts related to ‘Gender Equality’ and the global conversation on Violence against Women (VaW),” says Sachin Dhangar. I did my internship with Equal Community Foundation for 3 months from 4th July, 2014 till 10th Oct. 2014. I am a student of the MSW (Masters of Social Work) course here in Pune.
In the course of this internship I have been lucky to get the opportunity to learn more about the concept of ‘Gender Equality’ and to work with adolescent boys in grass root level communities. This hands-on experience has been invaluable to me. I am extremely motivated to develop myself from the learnings of this programme and acquire the understanding and skills required for this unique kind of work, related to gender equality. This internship has helped me examine the thoughts, perspectives and world-views that I grew up with.
I have begun to find the conviction, confidence and motivation to be insistent on the topic of Gender Equality and can express my opinions emphatically with others as well. I am confident this experience will be useful for me as I get prepared to work in the society, in diverse communities and under different circumstances.
Thank you ECF!