Self Earned Name Plate…(Journey of My Own House)

What do we mean by the feeling of having one's own house? As a woman, this imagination of ‘independence’ in the patriarchal society seems…

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Allies in Crisis: Fighting the Pandemic Within and Without

Every crisis brings with it an opportunity, to begin anew. Read how our participants have risen to the Covid crisis.

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The Hardest Joke to Crack: Casual Sexism

Is your laughter sexist? It's time to call it out.

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A Peek into an Action for Equality Session: Focused Group Discussion with Girls

What happens when girls are invited to the Action for Equality session with boys? Read on to know more.

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Gender Attitudes of Our Team

While working on gender equity with boys we must not forget to assess the gender attitudes of our own team from time to time. We are all…

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गटचर्चेदरम्यान आलेले अनुभव: Experiences from the Field

Supriya Sawant writes about a group discussion she attended as a part of the Action for Equality programme attended by both boys and girls…

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स्त्री -पुरुष समानतेच्या दिशेने वाटचाल करताना: Experiences from the Field

Priyanka Siddhe, a part of the Research, Development, and Evaluation team at Equal Community Foundation writes about her experiences from…

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The Journey Post Action for Equality: Reunion Stories

Action for Equality has certainly succeeded in inculcating knowledge and skills on gender and human rights, which in turn enables boys to…

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Boys and the Spread of Violence

Guest author Yeshi Dolma writes about what we can do to help our sons grow up to be nonviolent adults. Read on to know more.

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A Beginners Guide for Workplace Interactions with Women

With the advent of #MeToo voices, men have grown extremely uncomfortable. This discomfort is necessary to realise what we have been doing…

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Let’s not quibble over our ranking: Let’s focus on making India safe

Christina Furtado, Executive Director at Equal Community Foundation, implores readers to look beyond rankings and focus on addressing the…

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